Peklo Tool makes launching search
campaigns 3X faster!
Unique algorithms of keyword grouping (including Smart SKAG) and ad text generation
Who will find the tool helpful?
Digital Marketers
Launch search campaigns 2-3 times faster. Use the saved time for analysis and project optimization
The time needed by a PPC-specialist to launch a new campaign decreases by 50-70%
When setting up your campaigns on your own for the first time, you will save ≈$350 and immediately recoup the plan cost
Keyword Grouping
It's a must-have for an effective ad campaign because each keyword group requires relevant ad texts. Peklo Tool has unique keyword clustering algorithms.
Relevant Texts
High CTR
Reasonable CPC
Effective Campaign
Examples of Results
Peklo Tool's Functions and Capabilities
Negative Keyword Search
A separate tool for clearing the keyword draft list — finds all negative keywords and their forms within a few clicks!
Automatic Keyword Grouping
You have full control over the process — choose group generation for every single keyword (SKAG) or set algorithm to cluster similar words.
Removing Duplicates and Implicit Doubles
If your initial file has keyword duplicates, we will remove them by default. You can also set up removal of implicit doubles
Cross Negative Keyword Management
Listing negative keywords enables a more accurate setup of ads based on keywords
Generating Ad Texts for Google Ads
Enter your unique selling proposition and calls to action, and based on them, we'll create texts using keywords for each group
Educational Playlists on YouTube
Watch short videos on each Peklo Tool function and on the entire process of creating an ad campaign
Proactive Technical Support
Contact us if you need help in working with Peklo Tool — we'll advise you and propose better solutions
And Other Small but Helpful Features
Setting up types of keyword matching, additional text options, and a lot of other things!
Reviews from Users
Dmitry Voronkov
With Peklo Tool, we doubled the PPC team's performance. Team focused more closely on analytics and ad optimization, which excellently affected on clients' revenue.
Viktoriya Matyuta
Hi Roman :) This is a message of gratitude. My suffering is finally over, and I've found a worthwhile clustering tool for me. The soft is awesome.
Olena Fedorovska
Owner and Founder, Digital Puzzle
You have the best clustering tool, I've tried quite a few ones. Irreplaceable for large scopes.
Peklo Tool Team
The project has been developed by Peklo Digital Marketing Agency and Mad Devs IT Company
Oleg Puzanov
Roman Leonov
Founder, Product Owner
Pavel Kalashnikov
Full Stack Developer
Lesya Fedchenko
Marketer and QA
Ksenia Aleksandrova
Alexander Martynov
Marketer and QA
Keyword Clustering and Ad Generation
Peklo Tool has unique algorithms to cluster keywords for context advertising into logical groups. It makes the process of creating context ads easier and faster, using these algorithms and convenient filtering functions like "ignoring words when clustering" and the "synonym function," you'll be able to create a first semantic kernel with division into clusters and campaigns. It's important because a good and thought-through ad campaign structure is what guarantees a successful and productive search ad campaign on Google Ads without wasting the ad budget. Using Peklo Tool and educational videos, you'll be able to independently launch Google Ads with minimal risk to screw up or launch flawed ad campaigns.
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